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Why participate?

List of proposed activities*

The beneficiaries of the vouchers can choose from a fixed list of activities to purchase technical or dedicated services:

  • Use of dedicated infrastructure (hardware (clean rooms), software (data analysis), laboratories, etc.) to perform specific limited tests or to build prototype mock-ups in preparation of a product or service innovation in the combined fields of micro/nano-electronics and/or biotechnology.
  • Limited market research (or initial activity for larger studies) related to the product, service, or business model innovation intended.
  • Quick patent/IP scans related to the product or service innovation intended.
  • Collaboration with creative industries for esthetical and functional design (User-centered design).
  • Limited support in assessing the feasibility of an intended product, service or business model.
  • Small trials with test subjects or future users to try out intended new products or services.
  • Limited dedicated consultancy of unique expertise specifically needed for the intended product or service innovation (e.g. related to complicated technical matters involving the combination of disciplines like electronics, microfluidics, mechatronics, chemistry, etc.).

- Support in normalization, labelling, permits, international market access requirements, etc.

- Support in specific fields like technology, economy, creativity and internationalisation.

* Only complementary activities to existing funding from IWT and Enterprise Flanders can be supported by the Nano4Health voucher system.

Project support

One-on-one mentoring by the Nano4Health project partners will act as a tailor made follow up for the selected projects.

Other benefits

All selected projects from the Nano4Health initiative will:

  • Increase their visibility by participation in international events.
  • Increase their innovation potential by the use of the Flanders Districs of Creativity network.
  • Have access to clusters at European scale.
  • Build new professional networks.