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Nano4Health Inno Track


Nano4Health will stimulate 6 pilot case studies in their Fast Track to Innovation. During 4 months, players adding value to the case study will be brought together around the table. Challenges (technological, operational or market-related), indicated by the owner of the pilot case, will be solved through matching with service providers or collaboration partners. When selected by the project owner and voucher approval commission, these matches can be subject to financial support through a combination of multiple 6500 euro Nano4Health vouchers ( and KMO portefeuille (

Pilot cases have been identified and are now looking for technology and competence providers to help them progress. On November 10th, 2015 (12-4pm - venue TBC), all cases will be presented and one-on-one sessions between the technology/competence providers and the pilot case representatives will be organized. From this interactions, collaborations will be started and followed-up at 2 working groups (per pilot case) on January 12th 2016 and February 16th 2016. By this intensive approach, the Nano4Health team hopes to initiate true collaborations that can be supported financially.

To create great added value, the team of Nano4Health will interact closely with the company representatives to achieve concrete progress during the workshops by bringing the right partners to the table, providing the correct tools e.g.:

  • Use of dedicated infrastructure
  • Market Research
  • IP scans
  • User-centered design
  • Feasibility study
  • Test trials
  • Consultancy
  •  …

We would like you to have a look at the pilot cases and to indicate in the application form which of your services would add value to which pilot case. These forms will be used to schedule the one-on-one meetings on November 10th 2015.