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EU partnership

Enterprise Europe Network Flanders (E.E.N.)

Enterprise Europe Network

E.E.N. provides Flemish companies with information and advice on doing business in Europe, and on EU regulations, procedures and grant schemes. E.E.N. will facilitate the transnational part of Nano4Health.


C3-Saxony (Dresden)

Silicon Saxony

The project aims at developing a sustainable supporting scheme for emerging industries with a focus on incubator models and services for SMEs in the sectors of mobile services and personalised medicine. It strongly draws on KETs in the fields of microelectronics, nanoelectronics and biotechnology in order to shape new globally competitive industrial value chains. The project has an impact potential to create smart systems for transport & mobility as well as smart healthcare, create approximately at least 1000 new jobs and an increase in turn-over of the incubated projects/companies of minimum 20%. In addition, it has a transferability potential for East European regions.

Health2Care (Lyon)


The project aims at building upon 4 clusters dedicated to different technological and industrial sectors (medical technology; biotechnology; micro-nanoelectronics & sofware; polymers & composites industry) in order to implement new cross-sectoral value chains for personalised medicine industry. Tackling upcoming societal challenges such as population ageing, chronic diseases and increase of healthcare expenditure, the project attempts to contribute to the emergence of personalised medicine solutions by means of cross-cutting and cross-sectoral technological breakthroughs. Due to the strong focus on cluster community and based on a creativity-driven approach, the project is likely to have a significant impact in strengthening local SMEs' competitiveness and creating further employment opportunities.