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About Nano4Health

The general objective of Nano4Health is to support emerging industries in the domain of personalised healthcare applications at the crossroads of nano- and biotechnologies by the design and implementation of a transnational open learning and interactive environment.

Nano4Health will act on different levels:

  • Supporting SMEs in emerging industries in an effective way. 25 projects within the nano- and biotechnology will be initiated within Nano4Health with the creative sector as facilitator. These projects will serve as pilot projects to facilitate the development of new emerging industries. The development of good practices will provide input on the policy level so that adequate support and tools will be provided for these emerging industries.
  • Strengthening of clusters and collaborations. By organizing networking events (B2B, one to many, closing event, etc.) we will inform, inspire and challenge SMEs about the transition to new emerging industries. Bringing together stakeholders will create new value chains and business models in the personalised healthcare where creativity will be the catalyst.
  • Developing cross cluster policy guidelines. By (inter)national cluster exchange, policy guidelines will be developed in which these growing emerging industries will be supported. Parallel to the project, roadmaps for healthcare will be developed for Flanders which will be integrated in the EU roadmaps.